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The Daily Cut:
Rewarding raving regulars

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By the Numbers

  • In just 9 months, The Daily Cut enrolled 18,000 customers!
  • Almost 150,000 stamps have been given out, or about 8 stamps for every customer.
  • Over 18,000 rewards have been redeemed, including one super-fan who earned 41 rewards!
Candybar - digital punch card loyalty program

Ever since we used CandyBar, revenue has gone up 20-30%. Plus, it's easy for my cashiers to use.

Candybar - digital punch card loyalty program


Store Manager, The Daily Cut.

About The Daily Cut

The Daily Cut is a protein-focused salad bar in Singapore. Jonathan Yang started The Daily Cut because he wanted nutritious, convenient meals but disliked the taste of raw vegetable salads. He believed there were people out there facing a similar problem. 5 years and three outlets later, The Daily Cut regularly draws long queues during lunch hours from health-conscious customers.

Understanding Their Customers

Business was fantastic, and Jonathan wanted to better understand their customers. How many regulars did they have? How often do regulars visit? There was always a rush at lunch, but how many in the queue were new, and how many were Daily Cut fanatics?

With F&B being highly competitive in Singapore, Jon also wanted to reward regulars for their loyalty. But any loyalty program, would need to work fast, because of the Daily Cut's crazy queues.

The CandyBar Effect

CandyBar was set up on July 2018, and the first stamp was issued on the same day. Customers earned a stamp for every $10 spent, and earned a $5 off reward for every 5 stamps.

Since launch, CandyBar loyalty app has tracked:

  • Over 11,000 loyal customers with 2 or more repeat visits.
  • Almost 7,000 customers have redeemed rewards, and more than 50% have redeemed more than one reward.
  • 66% of customers have made 2 or more visits

According to staff, CandyBar has been helpful in building a customer database and collecting contact details and profile information. Staff also made use of CandyBar Pre-Paid Bundles to issue refunds and coupons for order disputes and customer recovery.

Best of all, cashiers were trained on CandyBar in less than a day, and quickly incorporated into their lightning-fast routine, even with the lunch rush!

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