We're going all out to help David beat Goliath

So much of our day to day lives involves large retail. Brands like Walmart, Starbucks and Amazon shape how we shop, how we spend, and how we live.

But a large part of our day is driven by small businesses we love. The mom and pop cafe for the morning cappuccino. The hair salon we go to for a trim and some gossip. The friendly bloke at the deli who'll do your wrap the way you like it. They're the ones struggling to make payroll. They're the ones who need help.

Software gives giant companies an edge. Why shouldn’t software help small businesses as well?

We built CandyBar to help you succeed.

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Easy to use,
Easy on the bottomline

CandyBar is easy to use and works fast - we know, because we tested it with real cashiers. And don't worry about the bill - it's designed to be affordable.

We've got your back

We love our customers, and try everyday to do right by them. You love your customers too, and we'll treat them with the same care.

Candybar Review from 73 Hillcrest
Candybar Review from 73 Hillcrest

“CandyBar is super easy to use and my customers love its simplicity.”

Yau Boon, General Manager, 73 Hillcrest

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Candybar Review from 73 Hillcrest
Candybar Review from 73 Hillcrest

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