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Benefit Cosmetics:
Making Customers Smile

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By the Numbers

  • Hundreds of customers a month joined Benefit Cosmetics’ loyalty program
  • Outlets saw an average of 14 visits per day from returning customers
  • On average, each returning customer made enough visits to earn a reward
Candybar - digital punch card loyalty program

Customers love CandyBar. They made sure to get their stamp after every visit.

- Kenneth Ong, Assistant Regional Digital Marketing Manager

About Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics is a manufacturer of cosmetics and is available at over 2,000 locations in more than 30 countries.

The brand is best known for its famous Brow Bars, where Brow Experts offer their signature brow waxing service along with add-ons.

The Challenge: Lifting the number of Brow Bar visits

Beauty services are a competitive industry. The team wanted to find a rewards program to retain and reward loyal customers.

They chose CandyBar because it was easy-to-use for staff, required minimal training, and worked well across their numerous branches in the country.

The CandyBar Solution

Benefit Cosmetics ran two loyalty programs, one in Manila and one in Singapore. Each city made use of CandyBar’s Loyalty Card feature. Customers could earn stamps with each visit and redeem up to three tiers of rewards.

The team quickly saw how customers loved collecting stamps, and their warm response:

  • Strong Engagement: Customers earned an average of 600 stamps per month
  • Daily Traffic: Outlets saw an average of 20 visits per day from returning customers
  • Regulars Rewarded: Returning customers earned an average of 3 stamps in just a few weeks - enough for their first reward

Brow Bar staff were happy about how easy CandyBar was to use, and how enthusiastic customers were to earn stamps and redeem rewards.

Candybar - digital punch card loyalty program

CandyBar was easy to use for staff. Much faster than a paper punchcard. Our staff were happy to talk about our loyalty program, which led to more customer sign-ups and visits.

- Kenneth Ong, Assistant Regional Digital Marketing Manager

Benefit Cosmetics also ran an ad campaign to sign up new customers. The team used the Prepaid Bundles feature to add a Free Sample reward to new sign-ups, which could be redeemed on their next visit to a Brow Bar.

The Free Sample helped get many new customers to sign up. CandyBar’s Prepaid Feature made it easy to manage giving out the reward.

- Kenneth Ong, Assistant Regional Digital Marketing Manager

The Benefit Cosmetics team used CandyBar dashboards to keep track of promotions data, activity at each store, and redemption of Free Samples.

Best of all, the rollout was quick and smooth across all the outlets in both countries.

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