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  • checkmarkUnlimited stamps
  • checkmarkUnlimited customers
  • checkmarkUnlimited rewards
  • checkmark500 text messages/month


  • checkmarkUnlimited stamps
  • checkmarkUnlimited customers
  • checkmarkUnlimited rewards
  • checkmarkUnlimited text messages/month
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Frequently asked questions

  • What does CandyBar do? What is a loyalty program?more question detailhide question detail
    It costs 25X more to acquire a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one. It makes sense to reward your customers each time they come into the store, so they keep coming back more and more often. Candybar makes it simple to run a customer loyalty program by offering your customers stamps that they can redeem for rewards.
  • How does a loyalty program benefit my business?more question detailhide question detail
    1. Your customers will feel happy when they receive stamps and redeem rewards, encouraging them to come back to your business more regularly
    2. Happy customers will come back more often and spend more, increasing your revenue
    3. Happy, regular customers will generate word of mouth by recommending you to their friends and giving positive reviews, bringing you new customers to start the cycle again
  • Will CandyBar work for my store?more question detailhide question detail
    Yes! As long as you are a brick-and-mortar store, CandyBar will work for you. We have clients in many different industries (restaurants, spas, salons, retail, and more!.)
  • I don’t have any tech expertise. Can I set up CandyBar myself?more question detailhide question detail
    Yes! No programming or tech needed. In fact, CandyBar is designed to be set up in just minutes. You can see how it works here.
  • How can I be sure CandyBar won’t charge me during the free trial?more question detailhide question detail
    You don’t need your credit card to start the free trial. Simply sign up, follow our quick-and-easy setup process and get started.
  • How do I know what rewards to choose?more question detailhide question detail
    Setting the right reward depends on your preference, your store and your industry. We have a detailed guide on how to choose the best reward for your program.
  • I have more than 1 outlet. Can I use CandyBar?more question detailhide question detail

    Yup! CandyBar works its magic whether you have 1 store or 1,000 internationally.

    For multiple outlets, the monthly subscription fee is US$45 for the first outlet and US$25 for each subsequent one.

  • Can I send unlimited SMSes to my customers?more question detailhide question detail

    Your monthly subscription comes with a 500 SMS cap per outlet per month - most businesses do not reach this cap.

    Subsequent SMSes will be charged at a rate of US$10 per 200 SMSes.

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