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How Mission Juice uses Prepaid Bundles for Customer Retention

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By the Numbers

  • With Prepaid Bundles, Joel has sold over 10,000 bottles of juice - close to what he sells in 2 months!
  • Over 400 Prepaid Bundles have been sold, with 74% fully redeemed
  • 44% of customers have gone on to purchase a second Prepaid Bundle

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About Mission Juice

Mission Juice serves cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and frozen yogurt in Singapore. Every bottle is made-to-order and cold-pressed for maximum freshness and nutrition.

Using Bundles For Cashflow and Customer Lock-In

In 2015, as juice cleanses were trending, Joel launched a Detox Cleanse Bundle. Customers could pay upfront for 20 bottles of juice - about a week’s worth - and redeem them any time at Mission Juice.

Joel’s regular customers loved the convenience of getting juice without needing their wallets.

Joel also saw several advantages in offering juice bundles:

  • Source of Cashflow: For every bundle purchased, Joel receives payment upfront to ease cashflow for his small business
  • Building Customer Lock-In: Customers would go to Mission Juice to redeem their juices, instead of going to other options
  • Growing Word-of-Mouth: Many customers started buying juice bundles because they saw their friends buying or redeeming them

For Joel, juice bundles are a way to deepen the relationship with regular customers, who trust his brand and his business.

“Customers only commit to buying a Bundle if they love the product. It’s normally our regular customers who buy Prepaid Bundles - and that’s because they trust our brand and love what we make.”

Going Digital with CandyBar

Tracking Prepaid Bundles with Paper was Messy and Tedious

At the time, Joel was using paper forms to track the juice bundles. He had to print out a new form and fill in customer details for each new bundle, and get customers to sign for every redemption.

As the number of customers grew, Joel needed to flip through a heavy binder of many paper forms that were difficult to sort through. As the years went on, the file also started getting worn and dirty.

In 2017, Joel started using CandyBar to offer customers loyalty rewards a digital punchcard. He also replaced his binder of paper forms with CandyBar’s Prepaid Bundles feature.

Going Digital with CandyBar’s Prepaid Bundles feature

CandyBar kept track of customer info like contact details, bundles purchased, and bottles of juice redeemed. Joel could issue new bundles to customers, or redeem bottles with the push of a button.

It was more convenient for customers as well. They no longer needed to scribble in a new form or sign for each bottle -- they could redeem their bottles of juice just by tapping in their phone number.

With CandyBar, it was easier to keep track of customers’ bundles - they could just key in their phone number. It was less tedious for us to manage a thick binder full of paper, and collect their details.

Candybar - digital punch card loyalty program


Business Owner, Mission Juice

“Using CandyBar also makes Mission Juice feel more modern. Customers can check their Bundles on their smartphones, instead of using an old binder of paper!”

Access to Dashboards and Statistics

CandyBar also allows Joel to track statistics, including the performance of the Prepaid Bundles:

  • Almost 500 Prepaid Bundles sold to customers. 74% of the bundles have been fully redeemed
  • 44% of customers went on to purchase a second bundle (or more)
  • Prepaid Bundles have helped Joel sell almost 10,000 bottles of juice - close to 300 bottles every month.

Joel is happy with how CandyBar makes it easy to offer Prepaid Bundles.

Candybar - digital punch card loyalty program

I’m proud that our customers love us and buy our Bundles. CandyBar takes the hassle out of offering Package and makes life easier for our cashiers.

Candybar - digital punch card loyalty program


Business Owner, Mission Juice

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